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Hi there… I’m Greg Martin from the Gold Coast in Australia. Thanks for visiting. My home business life began all the way back in the early 90’s when a friend introduced me to Amway. I immediately “fell in love” with the industry. But, like so many others, after failing miserably trying to make money without doing much work, I put my entrepreneurial venture on hold. Then… one day in 2002… I discovered that you could make money online. And that’s exactly what I did.”

Greg Martin,  Online Marketing Enthusiast, Musician, Lazy Guy




Professional Home Business Essentials

Most people who are new to online marketing really have no clue about what they actually require to put an online business together. This report covers what you need in order to begin making money.


The Home Business Stoppers Report

This is an eye opening training program and report where I cover topics that I totally missed or misunderstood, the stopped my business moving forward, as I was beginning to build my online business.


6 Figure Social Media Blueprint

An “in depth” training report on how to use social media to not only generate leads but how to utilize multiple platforms to create a branded presence and how to how to achieve this across multiple social media platforms.


The Gurus Getting Started Guide

This training program takes the newbie marketer by the hand and shows them how to put together a simple income producing affiliate business and how to begin marketing it with free traffic sources.





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