3 MUST HAVE Assets For Your Online Home Business

3 Critical ‘Must Have’ Assets To Include In Your Online Home Business Strategy

1. High value training, tools & offers
2. Lead generation strategies
3. Follow up strategies

I use the word “assets” to describe these because when you have them in place they are a real and powerful asset to your business.

To demonstrate this I will share with you how I am following this strategy in my business…

1. I utilise a high converting program with valuable tools and marketing training to help my prospects build and grow their home business. This program includes training on all aspects of marketing both free and paid strategies as well as mindset coaching and tools to help marketers create capture pages and marketing funnels that are designed to attract convert and help their prospects. This program pays me on the sale of products that the system makes on my behalf and also gives me monthly continuity residual income streams.

2. I engage in both free and paid lead generation strategies. The free strategies are done through social media by utilising Facebook pages, YouTube, Twitter and of course my blog. I also engage in paid marketing strategies such as solo ads and basic PPC

3. I take advantage of certain online tools to help me engage and connect with my prospects. Some of these tools include Skype, webinars, video and email as well as the telephone

This is just to give you an idea of the typical type of activity that really should be going on in your business.

Of course all of this hinges upon the power and the value of point 1.

In order for me to offer high-value training, a proven system for generating leads and converting them into prospects the join my team, and provides my team with tools to create capture pages and marketing finals, and helps to train my team and give them the mindset that they need in order to build their business are use a proven program.

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