Entrepreneurial vs Opportunistic Thinking For The Home Business Entrepreneur

Why A Wrong Mindset In This Area Can Seriously Hinder Your Success

We are going to examine the difference between an opportunistic thinker as opposed to an entrepreneurial thinker and how vital it is for you to know the difference and change your mindset if you have the wrong one.

The goal of what I write here is to open your internal eyes to concepts that will affect you both now and later on as you build your business. In many cases just being aware of of something is enough to change your path in that area.

With most things there are two paths that we can walk and its knowing what path to take when we come to the fork in the road that is critical to our future. Naturally you are going to take the right fork in the road for your life and business future.

Here is one such fork…

The Opportunistic Mindset

This mindset belongs to someone that is basically looking for an opportunity to get them to where they want to go or get them what they are looking for.

I am not saying its totally wrong to look for opportunities in life. I believe we should all look for them, but when we have found our opportunity we need to step over from opportunity thinking to entrepreneurial thinking.

The MLM industry is an industry that inherently attracts a lot of opportunity style thinkers and this is one of the drawbacks of the industry because it is going to require a lot more than that to become successful.

Opportunity thinkers generally jump from one business system to another looking for that one thing that is going to get them their success. They are constantly seeking but never really finding. The problem is that right there they are looking for a system that will do it all for them rather than them having to do something to create the success they want.

As entrepreneurs we should not be relying on a system as such to create wealth for us unless we create the system ourselves. But that is a different story.

Opportunity thinkers can never quite find what they are looking… once they join a system or program and it doesn’t deliver what they hoped for they lose interest and begin to look for the next program to join, hoping that the next one will do it for them.

Opportunity seekers are constantly filled with expectation, they have a mindset that “takes” from whatever they are involved in and rarely contribute. it’s all about them and what they can get, and if they don’t get they go. They are not a strategic or a long term thinker that is a solution provider but rather seek solutions from outside sources such as someone else.

An opportunity seeker will not be the person who rises to the top and dominates in their business or company. In fact there is a good chance that other smarter people (entrepreneurs) will dominate them. These people will be the ones that are always paying out money in search of their dream opportunity.

Opportunity are generally just in it for the money or thrill of it all and when the thrill has gone so has the seeker and there is no staying power in what they do. These people are also not creators or contributors to the cause. They have nothing of value to offer as they aren’t focussed on giving but rather getting.

Now if this describes you now I don’t want you to be offended because in many ways I described myself as I was many years ago. The thing for me was that I didn’t realise that I was doing that and once I became aware of a different mindset (entrepreneur) I was easily able to change over.

Now let’s have a look at the mindset of an entrepreneur…

The Entrepreneur Mindset

It is only the entrepreneur that has the mindset that can dominate the online marketing and MLM game or in fact in any area of life.

Entrepreneurial thinkers are long term, strategic thinkers that will over come any obstacle in order to create the success they are looking for. They are solution providers rather than a solution seeker, always looking for a way that they can do something better or easier not only for themselves but for others as well. Their internal goal is to overcome whatever obstacles appear before them at all costs.

An entrepreneur creates their success as opposed to an opportunity seeker who seeks their success. An entrepreneurs success flows out from within, its a mindset and a condition of heart that emanates out.

Entrepreneurs are strategic planners. Rather than simply throwing a business idea together they will plan it out with a desired outcome to reach. They are goal setters that may not always reach their goal but will get closer to it than an opportunity seeker.

An entrepreneurs favourite saying is “aim at nothing and you will generally hit it”. Unless they have clearly defined objectives they want to achieve they wont venture into.

Entrepreneurs are contributors because they realise that in order to receive you need to first give. You will here this style of teaching out there on the internet now and I know Mike Dillard teaches it in his Magnetic Sponsoring course.

Givers are attracters and attracters are business builders.

Entrepreneurs understand itís all about the process of development. Itís what and who you become in the process more than what you can get in the process. And to an entrepreneur, who and what they become during the process is just as important as what they get in the end.

A true entrepreneur for this reason will not compromise their inner values for the sake of money.

It is for this very reason that I walked away from Cash Gifting if you have heard of that. It’s not that I believe that Cash Gifting is wrong or illegal, in fact I believe it is very legal, but from an entrepreneurs perspective I don’t want to be known as a person that derived their income or success from that particular business model. For myself and my convictions I didn’t feel that I was “contributing” anything but rather “taking” and in the end I didn’t want to be known in business as a “taker” but rather a “giver” or a contributor.

An entrepreneur is totally dedicated to growth. Anything that is a hindrance in their life to what they want to achieve becomes something that they strive to overcome.

Changing Your Mindset

As I mentioned earlier, just being aware of the difference between the two styles of thinking can be enough to change your mindset. In the end it’s really down to a choice. Like any fork in the road, which path do you want to take. Whatever you decide to be is the direction you will take.

By default we are all opportunity seekers but it is by design that you become an entrepreneur. In other words unless you make the choice to adopt entrepreneurial thinking you will probably by default stay in opportunistic thinking.

Once you eliminate the mindset of the opportunity seeker, once we have decided that we are going to commit to the process to become whatever it is we need to be to generate the level of success we want, our whole path and direction in this industry will change for the better.

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