Marketing Leverage For Your Home Business

Here is some thought provoking insights into creating marketing leverage for your business.

A couple of months ago one of my main mentors sent me an email with content in it that just blew me out in the area marketing and strategies for using leverage in your business. That content was so accurate and “to the point” that it inspired me write this post.

Home Business Success Using Marketing Leverage

The idea of using Marketing Leverage is something that you simply must consider if you are looking to generate any form a long term success in this industry. Without leverage you simply have no business and without an understanding of how to create Marketing Leverage you really do not have any idea of what to shoot for in your business.

With that said, here are 4 essential “must have” points you need to create powerful Marketing Leverage for your business.

Marketing Leverage From Paid Strategies

If you don’t have the “leverage of paid marketing” out there, working on your behalf (24/7/365), then you will have a paltry little flow of leads, which will kill you.

Marketing Leverage From People Working For you

If you don’t have the “leverage of human capital” out there, working on your behalf (24/7/365), then you will have to do all the work yourself, which will kill you. “Human Capital” is simply having a ‘team’ of people who help make your ca$h. And in the past, this has usually meant ’employees’ but today it means ‘liability-free affiliates’, who are self-motivated with no ceiling on what they can earn. Which is a very different kind of leverage from the average employee who just puts in time to get a limited amount of money.

Marketing Leverage From Technology Working For You

If you don’t have the “leverage of technology” out there, working on your behalf (24/7/365), then you will have to do all the work yourself, which will kill you. Shoot a spicy video, with some heart and soul and intelligence, and POOF…it can work for you over and over, and bond people to you. Just the other day, a gentlemen watched a video of mine, and then signed up for $3K because a video I have rolling over and over and over lit his a$s on fire. This is called leverage. My human spirit is working 24 hours a day, never-ending, and there is a dangerously good chance that I’m golfing, riding bikes with my kids, or on a date with my wife while all this is happening.

Marketing Leverage From Knowing What To Do

This last point is crucial because you can have all of the above at your disposal but without knowledge of what to do or how to do it your other forms of leverage will do nothing for you. Fortunately though learning how to become a top marketer in order to create marketing leverage is fairly easy when you hook up with the right people and the right system.

Final Tip On Creating Real Marketing Leverage

I believe until people understand the depth of how un-leveraged their lives are…they are literally hopeless (at least regarding financial freedom, time freedom, and the chance to explore new depths of their potential). Without leverage, they will be stuck working honestly and with integrity, but without leverage or wisdom.

They will either accept the numbing reality that they have no realistic chance to change their lives, or they will not accept it, and want to change. But without a radical, strategic plan on placing more and more points of leverage in their life…they will be pipe dreamers.

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