There are 2 major passions in my life that I would like to mention here, not in any particular order.

Internet Marketing & Home Business

I first discovered the home business industry back in the early 90’s when a friend from work introduced me to Amway… and I instantly loved it. There was just something about seeing the circles drawn on the white board, the products, home meetings and the idea of earning huge income from a home business pushed my buttons big time.

Unfortunately I wasn’t all that good at it, as most people aren’t, and after dabbling in some other companies like Usana, Mannatech & a mobile phone opportunity, I decided that I just wasn’t cut out for the whole home business entrepreneurial thing, even though I really liked the concept.

Until, one day in late 2001 I realised that people where making money in home business using the internet. It was then that I decided to get back into home business except this time I was going to do it online.

253246_228228320554955_5543797_nAs a computer technician I was easily able to grasp the technical aspects of online marketing, so I joined an online MLM selling Autoresponders and built myself a small website to market with.

This is the website I built, and with this I was able to recruit people into my team from all over the world. Also, because of the success I was having with this, I had team members ask me if they could get a copy of the site for them to use.

It was then I discovered the power of replicating websites & funnels in your marketing, and people wanted it.

You have to remember, this was early 2002 by this stage, long before most of the big marketers you know of today were even online, long before blogging or YouTube and Facebook, and I was involved and getting results from the very start.

I loved it, and eventually as time went by I found my way into other areas to make money.

Since then I have recruited into systems and programs, created & launched my own products, built large lead lists, sold a ton of affiliate product, and have even consulted to traditional MLM leaders on using the internet to market and recruit.


As a young boy I grew up with the sound of both my parents and my sisters music in the house. This was in the 1960’s which was a great time for the music scene back then.

From my parents I heard big band jazz sounds like Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Buddy Rich and others.

From my sister I was getting The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Buddy Holy, The Bee Gees, Elvis and lots more.

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On top of that, as a young kid, I couldn’t resist listening to the radio every chance I got. I just loved music from the very start of my life, and still do to this day.

And then of course, it was during the 70’s that I began to hear sounds like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Hendrix and Credence. Music back then was alive like at no other time and it was an awesome time to be alive.

Eventually, with all of this music influencing me, it wasn’t long before I discovered I had a real talent & passion for the drums.

I started playing the drums after a surfie friend from school lent me a vinyl record called Made In Japan by Deep Purple. That album had me transfixed for years. At night after school I would sit there for hours listening intently to the sounds of this band, especially the drummer.

Most people don’t realise that bands like Purple, Zeppelin & Tull from that era are all heavily influenced by jazz & blues rhythms. And as I had that earlier jazz influence from hearing my fathers music I was captivated by it.

It wasn’t long after this that I begged my parents for a drum kit and began to get to work.

I wasn’t just a “have a go” drummer either. I was a learner, a studier, a devourer of the craft. I had 3 different teachers at different stages and studied things like… jazz, blues, military marching, latin rhythms and more.

As you can imagine, music is still a huge part of my life, and any chance I get to play I am onto it.