The Logo

What’s this icon beside my name


When I was considering a logo for my blog I wanted to go with something that really captured who I was and what really mattered to me in my life. Not just put up a random image or initials etc.

I decided to simply go with my name and to put this icon beside it.

Maybe you have seen it around because it certainly isn’t an uncommon symbol, but this symbol has more than one meaning to me and really represents two things that are very important in my life.

The Symbol Of God

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 4.35.34 PM

The Triquetra

It’s called a triquetra [Wikipedia click here], and has been used in various forms and religious circles to represent God. In Christianity it is commonly used to represent The Father, The Son & The Holy Ghost. Three distinct arcs, all equal in size & dimension, all interlocked, all connected to each other and totally inseparable.

The circle around it emphasizes the unity of the whole combination of the three forces. It is also said to symbolize God’s love around the Holy Trinity. Because… God is love.

Most people believe in God in some form. For me I just happen to believe in the God of the Bible.

God himself, and the concept of God is a big part of my life. I am a believer in God the Father, Jesus Christ his Son, and the indwelling Holy Ghost. I believe the Bible to be the inspired revelation of God and that when men humble themselves and seek God, mighty things transpire.

Also, I believe that we as humans have the ability to tap into the heart and mind of God. That we are not only flesh and blood, we also have a soul and we are spirit.

And it is with our spirit that we connect with God and receive revelation from Him. As scripture teaches, we are His children and we have the ability to relate to and hear Him.

So… the triquetra represents this big part of my life.

But also…

Rock Music

I have been an active fan of music, especially rock music, since my early years when I used to hear bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and other music from the 60’s. But also, when I was an early teenager in the 70’s, I was heavily influenced by the sounds of bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd to name a few.

Most people don’t realise but rock music has it’s roots in jazz and blues, and even folk music, and for me modern rock is really just a natural evolution from those early styles.

But if there was one band out of all rock bands that had more impact on my musical career than any other it was the mighty Led Zeppelin.



The Mighty – Led Zeppelin

These guys are liquid genius. By that I mean they were so good at so many different styles that it flowed out of them like liquid.

They were all brilliant session muso’s before coming together as a band and when they did, they became a mighty force in the music scene.

If you are already a Led Zeppelin fan then you will know about the symbols that each band member had as icons for themselves.

But if you’re not then here they are…


And right there you have the Triquetra, 2nd from the left, which was the symbol for the keyboard player John Paul Jones.

Led Zeppelin were not just a random bunch of “garage band musos” that decided to get together to form a band. They were already highly talented and very much in demand as session musos before Led Zeppelin was formed.

They were in fact, change agents… people who act as catalysts for change and were able to influence an entire generation culturally, and completely turn the pop/rock industry on its head.


And so, as you can see, I chose the symbol because of its spiritual significance in symbolizing the Godhead of scripture, but also because of it’s connection to the greatest rock influence of all time, and a band that has influenced me all my life… the mighty Led Zeppelin.

And with that, I will leave you with you with one of my favorite Zep tunes. Thanks for reading the page.