What’s Your Biggest Online Marketing Problem

In this podcast we discuss a recent survey that a top affiliate marketer did of his list and the response he got.

Over 3000 online marketers responded and gave the following 2 items as the biggest problems they face in their online business..

  1. Traffic generation
  2. Funnel conversion

I can testify to this fact that I also faced the same problem in my own business, until I discovered some advanced conversion strategies.

Funnel conversion strategies are some of the least focused on skills in the online marketing space today.

But in all honesty, due to the fact that you can get traffic anywhere these days, I would say it’s the most important skill you can focus on right now if you are struggling to get results or you’re brand new and not sure what to do.

About the Author Greg Martin

Online network marketer, trainer and coach. Helping new and struggling home business owners get beyond the frustrating 'start-up' phase in their business.

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